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Valley Furnace Cleaning exists to provide quality air through excellent cleaning services.

Here at Valley Furnace Cleaning, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted Edmonton-based Residential and Commercial Furnace and Duct Cleaning companies. We take our commitment to you seriously. When you reach out to us for any of our services, you’ll be greeted by one of our professional, friendly, and experienced team members. We have completed many jobs for our customers over the 15 years we have operated and are ready to help you next!

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A common complaint among homeowners is

Why is my washroom so dusty?
Well, the answer is quite simple actually.

Even if there wasn’t a heat register in the washroom you would still have to contend with the same level of dust as a washroom with a floor heat vent, simply because the dust in a washroom is coming from toilet paper and the fleecy towels we use in the bathroom!

Why is the bedroom so dusty?
All bedrooms are dusty simply because of the amount of lint that comes off the bedding we use as well as the clothes we store in the closets.

By looking carefully at the dust in the bedroom you will see that it’s multi-colored fibres from the clothes and bedding!

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