Duct Cleaning

At Valley Furnace Cleaning we do things differently!

Because over 50% of the dust inside your duct system is just behind those floor vent covers, we take the time to vacuum it out using our double-filtered (HEPA) shop vac before we even start up our truck-mounted vacuum!

This way we know we’ve removed up to 50% of the dust and debris!

By skipping this step and just pushing the dirt down the pipes towards the furnace we end up just sprinkling debris throughout your ducting.
There are just too many turns etc inside the pipes that will prevent debris from going all the way down.
Yes, it does take a bit longer to clean this way but with us, it’s all about quality!


With our exclusive “pre-cleaning“ We give you a far better Duct Cleaning experience!
With our exclusive “pre-cleaning “ we vacuum this debris out of your vents before we clean! This prevents it from getting stuck inside your ductwork or worse yet falling onto your furnace or air conditioning which will create more problems!

Regular Cleaning

With regular cleaning, we go to as many vents as possible with our commercial double-filtered shop vac to remove what can be found and then return to each vent with other cleaning tools to carefully extract any remaining debris!

Deep Cleaning

With deep cleaning, we go to as many vents as possible up to 4 times using different tools to extract the dust and debris that’s deep in the system!

Duct Tune-ups

If you’re currently using a 4-5″ filter you don’t need a full furnace and vent cleaning as frequently.

Rather than pay for a full cleaning a ducting tune up will give you great dust control without the high cost of a regular duct cleaning.

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